The Evolution of Online Casinos: From Early Days to Modern Times

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Online casinos are one of those amusements that we enjoy on the Internet and many of us feel that they are completely common. However, few of us remember that they have evolved a lot since their inception some 30 years ago.

By 1996, it is estimated that there were only about 15 online casinos where you could gamble, as users still doubted the reputation of these casinos and preferred to use their physical versions. However, 20 years later this figure has increased to about 2,800 legal establishments, and some licenses such as those in MaltaCuraçao, UK and more, growing more every day.

While the scope remains the same, the casinos have evolved both in operations and in the services they offer to customers. They are no longer a copy of a regular casino but have created their own gambling ways and playing style more suited to online users.

In this article, we will review the evolution of online casinos from their birth to their operation today, in order to determine how the industry may grow in the future.

How did online casinos start?

While today’s online casino sites are taken from another world, they had a much simpler beginning. Around 1994 the first online casino establishment was created in what is now the Isle of Man.

The establishment featured basic games and did not have a large amount of Online slots are interesting to playHowever, it was a complete innovation for a time when online gambling was not even heard of. Some time later, Antigua and Barbuda passed a free trade law, prompting other organizations to open more online casinos on their territory.

These two events can be considered the beginning of the online trend, which causes players to gradually join these new establishments.

The 90s and the online gambling boom

After the first establishment was established, several others began to spring up to meet the growing demand. However, 1996 can be considered a crucial year.

With only 15 online gambling establishments in the market, the demand could not be fully satisfied. However, growth was slow because the Internet was in its infancy and not every home had a computer.

The strange thing is that by the end of this year and the beginning of 1997, the number of sites had doubled by about 15 times, with more than 200 new establishments. The variety of competition in the market offered customers a choice and slowly various promotions began to appear to attract users to these sites.

Introducing the live casino and how it helped attract more users

Although the supply in the market gradually increased and the games developed exponentially, the users were hungry for more and more new experiences. On the other hand, a large group of players stayed away from online gambling because they felt that the real fun of the casino was in the interaction and communication with the dealers.

With that in mind, the casino industry took a big leap by using a technology that appeared around 2000: streaming. In this way, it was possible to move to creating a live experience typical of physical places, but with the possibility of living it from home.

The idea was a resounding success. Many users barely had time in their daily lives to travel to a physical casino establishment, but by gambling online in a live casino they could live the entire experience without traveling far from home. As a result, online casinos have sought to emulate more of the features of land-based casinos until they match them in terms of services offered.

The arrival of mobile games

With the increase in the number of consumers willing to gamble, there was a need to offer users a better way to enjoy the service that online establishments provide. Many users had little free time during the day and could not access the platforms at all times.

With the advent of cell phones and Improving the mobile internet, casinos are also adapted to play from these devices. Although in the beginning they were basic compatibility software for the possibility to play in the browser, nowadays casinos create dedicated apps for this action.

Online casinos today and the future is ahead

Today, casinos continue to evolve, bringing a large number of games to the various users registered on their platforms. Players in turn demand more technologies and are also guided by the trends presented around the world.

From virtual reality slots to personal casino assistants for high stakes games, online casinos have managed to create their own unique and unique way of doing things.

Finally, although their future is uncertain, the casinos are clearly on the right track. As long as punters’ interest is maintained and new experiences can be offered, they will be establishments worth visiting more than once.


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