Shipping Kubernetes monitoring data to FusionReactor Cloud

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Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • Access your cluster using `kubectl` and `helm`.
  • A valid FusionReactor Cloud account and an API key for the account.
  • A valid FusionReactor Cloud user in your account with access to FusionReactor Cloud.

API keys can be managed under FusionReactor Cloud > User menu > invoice> API keys


This is the procedure for configuring Kubernetes-Prometheus-Stack to send metrics data directly to FusionReactor Cloud.

Step 1: Download files

Download the following files from [our GitHub repo](

  • `fr-cloud-kps-values.yaml`
  • `fr-cloud-kps-authentication-secret.yaml`

Step 2: Customize the two files for installation


change CLUSTER_NAME to the name of your Kubernetes cluster.


change password to your FR Cloud API key. Make sure you copy and paste the whole key.

Step 3: Create a new namespace to hold and deploy a stack

Run the following commands to create a new namespace to hold and deploy the stack

``` bash
kubectl create namespace kube-prometheus-stack
helm repo add prometheus-community
helm repo update
kubectl apply -n kube-prometheus-stack -f fr-cloud-kps-authentication-secret.yaml
helm upgrade --install -n kube-prometheus-stack -f fr-cloud-kps-values.yaml kube-prometheus-stack prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack

If the stack deploys correctly, it will start sending data to FusionReactor Cloud. Check it using `kubectl get pods -n kube-prometheus-stack`.

Step 4: View your data

This data can be viewed at FusionReactor Cloud >

**Dashboards** > Kubernetes

God Kubernetes Node Exporter for clusters The dashboard allows you to troubleshoot cluster issues down to the VM level.

FusionReactor K8s dashboard spotlight

Our FusionReactor Kubernetes monitoring integration gives you visibility into your Kubernetes clusters and workloads in minutes, whether your clusters are hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Below are just two of our Kubernetes dashboards that will allow you to monitor your telemetry data by navigating through your nodes and pods to assess their health.

Kubernetes / computing resources / cluster

An easy-to-scan overview of the performance and resource requirements of the various tenants in the cluster.


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