Observability with Otel Integration and FusionReactor

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FusionReactor viewing platform with Otel can help you in several ways

Collection of telemetry data from your applications. Otel may collect telemetry data from your applications, including metrics, logs, and traces. This data may be used to monitor the performance of your applications, identify and resolve performance issues, and improve the security of your applications.

Storing telemetry data in a central location

Otel can store telemetry data in a central location, such as a cloud-based storage service. It makes it easy to access and analyze telemetry data from all your applications.

Visualization of telemetry data

Otel can visualize telemetry data in a variety of ways, such as graphs, charts and tables. This makes it easy to understand the performance of your applications and identify trends.

Alert on telemetry data

Otel can alert you when telemetry data reaches a certain threshold. This can help you identify and resolve performance issues before they affect your users.

Share telemetry data with other teams

Otel may share telemetry data with other teams, such as your development and security teams. It can help you collaborate with other teams to improve the performance, reliability, and security of your applications.


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