JOBY PD Wall Charger Review

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I’ve reviewed a bunch of different chargers over the years. After all this time, the main points are still true; It must be simple, safe and high quality.

A lot of cheap tat, as I like to call it, makes it on the way to market. These cheap wall chargers are not only junk quality, but they are also quite dangerous. I will never buy a PD charger that does not have a British or European safety stamp.

The JOBY PD wall charger is not only safe, but it’s built with incredible quality and that’s what we’ll cover in this review.

JOBY PD wall charger review

In terms of my first impression, I absolutely love the branded box. I recently finished writing a review of the Wavo Boom Arm and the packaging between the products is consistent, which I really, really like.

The box has an opening door, with a transparent plastic window. I love this type of product box, as it allows the consumer to see what they are buying before actually parting with their hard earned cash.

But, the reality is that they can get rid of the plastic window, as it is not really needed anymore. Most technology is purchased online, consumers have already seen the product through images. Get rid of the plastic window and save some disposable plastic packaging.

The only other plastic reduction improvement they can make is to replace the tray insert with a cardboard product.

Overall my first impression is great. Let’s look at the quality of the actual charger now.

build quality

This charger carries the CE safety mark and comes with JOBY’s two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that it won’t just stop working right away.

The USP of this particular charger is that you can cut and change between UK, US and EU plug adapters. This means you’ll only need this one for all your home and travel needs.

It has a 12W USB-A output and a 30W fast charging USB-C output. But, it can output up to 42 watts for fast charging devices.

The most notable thing about this device is that it just feels solid. Every single component fits together neatly and there are no gaps around the separate parts. You won’t find poorly finished edges either.

I also really like that the edges of the input port are extra hard, which means you won’t notice the degradation of the plastic over time. It should stay looking brand new for a long time.

3 in 1 charging and sync cable

The PR company that sent the luggage also sent via JOBY cable. It’s a super convenient, well-made cable that includes a micro-USB cable, lightning cable and USB-C cable in one!

It is made of really strong, braided material, and the input itself is solid. I can’t describe how happy I was when I noticed that the ‘necks’ of the cable ends had been re-strengthened. I feel like Apple’s cables fail at the “neck” far too quickly.

I’m glad JOBY sorted it out and it’s a match made in heaven, so grab the PD charger and JOBY 3-IN-1 cable together.

It is 1.2 meters long, which is the perfect length of cable to connect to your PC or wall outlet and still be able to have it next to you while working or sleeping.

The cable also has the coveted ‘Made by iPhone, iPad and iPod’ logo.

How much and where to buy

The JOBY PD wall charger is available from Amazon. Click the button below to check the latest available pricing. It is also available directly on the JOBY website.

The cable also gets 10/10.

Summary and verdict

It’s just perfect, isn’t there much more I can say about a wall charger? It’s just 10/10!

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