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The infrastructure at IITM Janakpuri is designed to provide a comfortable and enriching environment for students, creating a perfect blend of modernity and comfort. The campus radiates a calm and pleasant atmosphere, which guarantees students an ideal framework for their educational pursuits.

One of the outstanding features of the infrastructure is the presence of lecture halls that support ICT and are air-conditioned. These spacious and airy spaces are equipped with advanced audio-visual systems, PA systems and internet connectivity, enabling a seamless learning experience for students. Integrating technology into classrooms improves the teaching-learning process, making it more interactive and engaging.

The computer center at IITM Janakpuri is truly state of the art. It boasts a centrally air-conditioned multi-lab setup, housing advanced multimedia workstations. The availability of a 24/7 50 MBPS dedicated leased line for Internet connectivity ensures that students and faculty have access to the resources they need. The center also includes an advanced IBM server, LAN connectivity, licensed academic software and dedicated research laboratories. With 100% power backup, students can count on uninterrupted access to computer facilities.

Seminar and syndicate rooms, also centrally air-conditioned, equipped with LCD projectors, smart boards and multimedia systems. These rooms are used as spaces for student seminars, group presentations, project discussions and guest lectures. The modern setup allows for cooperative and interactive learning, and enables students to develop their communication and presentation skills.

The institute’s library is a treasure of knowledge. It offers an extensive collection of contemporary text and reference books, e-books and DVDs related to various educational programs. With over 29,000 volumes covering a wide range of subjects, the library ensures that students have access to the latest research, industry studies and project reports. The computerized library management system makes it easy for students to research and access resources.

The state-of-the-art auditorium, with its central air conditioning and seating capacity of 240, is an excellent venue for conferences, seminars, workshops and faculty development programs. Equipped with an LCD projector, a large screen and a modern public address system, the auditorium offers a perfect setting for academic and joint activities.

A well-managed canteen and a Nescafe shop provide students with a variety of options for a healthy diet. These spaces serve as focal points for social interaction, allowing students to relax and engage in heart-to-heart conversations.

IITM Janakpuri recognizes the importance of holistic well-being. The presence of a Dhyan Kaksha/meditation room reflects the institution’s commitment to promoting yoga and stress management workshops, while cultivating self-management skills among students.

The institute also prioritizes the comfort and convenience of its students, providing separate shared rooms for boys and girls. These spaces encourage interaction, relaxation and peer learning.

Sports and physical activity activities are given due importance at IITM Janakpuri. The well-equipped sports center offers students the opportunity to engage in various indoor and outdoor sports activities. The aim of the institute is to develop the physical abilities, willpower and self-discipline of the students through sports.

Additionally, IITM Janakpuri has taken an eco-friendly approach by installing a solar power plant. This plant generates electricity that is fed into the grid, contributing to sustainable energy practices. The commitment of the Institute for Environmental Conservation is commendable.

In short, the infrastructure at IITM Janakpuri provides students with a comfortable and enriching environment for their academic and personal growth. The well-designed facilities, the integration of technology and the emphasis on holistic development contribute to an exceptional learning experience for the students.

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Infrastructure at IITM Janakpuri


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