10 Amazing Apps to Improve Your Smartphone

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Upgrade your smartphone experience with these 10 useful apps to install now. From photography to navigation, these apps provide additional functionality and features that are often missing from the default apps. Don’t settle for the basics – these top apps for your device can liven up and even enhance your smartphone’s features.

How do you upgrade a smartphone?

The number 1 Lynket browser

Find interesting articles on social media but don’t always have time to read them? Queue them up with Lynket Browser, which lets you open web pages in the background and access them later with bubbles floating on the screen. The app works with your default browser and can even speed up browsing by automatically loading AMP versions of links. Plus, enjoy a polished reader mode with an article mode. Although not updated recently, Lynket still lives up to its promise.

#2 Sleep cycle

Say goodbye to the snooze button on your smartphone alarm and wake up feeling energized with this innovative app. Using the phone’s microphone and accelerometer, it tracks Your sleep patterns and gently wakes you up during your lightest sleep stage, ensuring a refreshed start to your day.

#3 MightyText

If you prefer texting via SMS over WhatsApp Web, then SMS texting from MightyText is a must-have app. This app syncs with your PC, Mac, or Linux computer via a browser extension, allowing you to access your SMS messages on a larger screen. You can reply, read or create new messages, view notifications from other apps and even make calls. However, the free version has a monthly sending limit, making it unsuitable for heavy use. Check out other apps that let you send text messages from your computer for more options.


Tired of keeping track of multiple passwords for your digital accounts? Look no further than Dashlane’s password manager. Alongside the top-rated 1Password, Dashlane generates and encrypts secure passwords and stores them on your device for easy access and top-notch security. Protect your digital accounts with ease and peace of mind.

#5 PDF scanner app

Increase your productivity with just your smartphone and scanning tool! The top-rated PDF scanner app lets you quickly and efficiently scan important documents and save them in popular formats like TXT, PDF, and JPEG. From documents and IDs to bills and receipts, easily scan any document with our high-quality mobile scanner. In addition, a fast processing mode ensures that you get the best image quality in no time, with color and perspective correction. there is IOS version which allows you to turn your iPhone into a mini office. The application supports converting PDF to documents, it analyzes the data in the file and converts it to text. If you need to scan documents at least once in a while, then this application is exactly what you need.


With each new iteration, Android and iOS are equipped with faster and better photography software to match the powerful cameras of the latest smartphones. However, alternative apps remain a big player in this arena. VSCO stands out as one of the best: it offers not only top-notch photography capabilities but also advanced editing and sharing features.

#7 Magisto

Looking to make a top notch mobile movie? Look no further than the app stores. While Apple’s iMovie and Clips apps are getting better, third-party options like Magisto Excel at automating editing tasks and facilitating sharing on the social networks of your choice. Give it a try and up your video editing game.


IFTTT is a great app for automating web services, while MacroDroid excels at on-device automation. With the official IFTTT app, you can easily create widgets that connect web-based services or devices through your Android phone. The possibilities are endless, from automating your tweets to receiving price drop notifications for products you want to purchase and controlling your smart devices. Once you start using IFTTT, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. This is one of the most engaging apps available on the Play Store.

#9 Pacer

Easily track your daily steps without a separate fitness band with Pacer, a smartphone app that uses your device’s sensors to provide a step count. Compared to Apple Health and Google Fit, Pacer integrates seamlessly with other fitness apps and offers engaging social features like walking groups. Say goodbye to default smartphone apps and take your step tracking to the next level with Pacer.

#10 Waze

Discover Waze – the ultimate GPS navigation app that is miles ahead of Google Maps and Apple Maps. As a Google-owned option that relies on input from 90 million drivers for live traffic updates and optimal timing for your trips, Waze is a great alternative to traditional navigation apps. Try it now!


Discover the best rated mobile apps with our top 10 list. Whether you’re looking for productivity tools or lifestyle enhancers, both app stores have you covered. With options ranging from personal security and fitness tracking to social media automation, these apps will simplify your life.


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